About Us

2Dsemiconductors USA is a world leading manufacturer of high quality 2D layered crystals, large-area CVD grown 2D sheets, 2D solutions, and 2D powders. Our company operates in the USA, all the products are designed, engineered, and synthesized in the USA at our own facilities.

At 2Dsemiconductors, we all come to work everyday because we want to be a part of something big – the 2D materials field. We know what we are good at: Crystal and 2D layer growth. Most importantly, we understand how important crystal quality is for your research and recognize the outstanding challenges and excitement in the field. This is exactly why we work hard to bring you gold standard crystals to push your research forward. We are chemists, designers, engineers, accountants, physicists, hikers, authors, photographers, analysts, travelers, lawyers, volunteers, parents, and hard workers.

With such a diverse group of people, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do and everything we do for you.

Please, check our NEW RELEASES often for our newest cutting-edge 2D materials!! Need to use a formal purchase process? No problem! CONTACT US today for a quotation. Thank you for your business and supporting in creating this beautiful field.

Our philosophy is to reach perfection for scientific reliability. We realize the importance of the quality materials in research industry and our crystals are created for perfection: Large single crystal domain size, no hidden phases, no embedded amorphous segments, no impurities (6N=99.9999% purity) semiconductor grade materials, high luminescence, reliable exciton recombination times.
All of our products are checked by at least one of our expert engineers and come with full characterization for guaranteed quality.
Our facilities are powered by advanced materials characterization techniques allowing us to provide you reliable, high quality, and unique materials. We engage high tech techniques such as HR-TEM, STM, Raman, Photoluminescence, XRD, Omega-rocking curve measurements, electronic transport, SIMS, and SEM.
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