Ta2Se8I Crystal

  • Ta2Se8I crystal
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World's first commercially available Ta2Se8I topological superconductor vdW crystals

(TaSe4)2I or Ta2Se8I belongs to the quasi-one dimensional material which has recently been shown to be a Weyl semimetal. More recent studies even suggested the possibility of axion insulator property. At temperatures below Tc = 263 K, (TaSe4)2I forms an incommensurate CDW phase, undergoing a Peierls-like phase transition. This is accompanied by gap opening about 260 meV. Our Ta2Se8I crystals have been synthesized using self transport technique at high temperatures and pressures over extended amount of time to ensure to reach perfect stoichiometry and chemistry with no defects. The packages are sealed under 1E-6 Torr or better and once pumped the material might shrink due to negative pressure and its fibrous nature. This is normal and vacuum allows us to protect the material quality.

The properties of Ti2Se8I vdW Weyl semimetal and axion insulator crystals 

Sample size Each order contains large size needle like quasi-1D ribbons that are vdW in nature 
Material properties CDW, Weyl, axion insulator
Crystal structure Tetragonal
Degree of exfoliation Easy exfoliation characteristics
Production method High electronic purity (6N or better) through self flux technique
Other characteristics
  • No transport agents 
  • Stable in air
  • Low defect concentration
  • High electronic quality


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