Black Arsenic Crystal

  • Black arsenic crystals
  • Black arsenic crystals
  • Black arsenic crystals
  • Black arsenic crystals
  • XRD data collected from Black arsenic crystals
  • Raman spectrum collected from Black arsenic crystals
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World's first and only commercially available black arsenic crystals.

Our black arsenic crystals have been grown without any mercury or phosphorus contamination and comes at confirmed 6N purity. These crystals measure up to 1cm in size.

Black arsenic is a layered semiconductor with extreme in-plane anisotropy. Similar to its cousin black phosphorus, it exhibits high electronic mobility, thermal conductivity, and anisotropic excitons along or across the arsenic chain direction. Black arsenic has puckered layered structure much similar black phosphorus. Our black arsenic crystals has been synthesized through our own innovation high pressure anvil cell technique. Our crystal contain no phosphorus or mercury contaminations. Our Raman and XRD peaks show sharp and discrete peaks related to black arsenic sheets. 

The physical properties of black arsenic

Sample size Up to cm size crystals

0.3 eV infrared anisotropic semiconductor

Very easy to exfoliate

Unit cell parameters a=0.369 nm b=1.098 nm, c=0.441 nm
Production method High pressure anvil growth 


Raman spectrum of black arsenic crystals



XRD pattern collected from black arsenic crystals



Please note that secondary black phosphorus or black arsenic phosphorus phases are anticipated in small amounts. Coexistence of these phases are normal and anticipated.


Y. Chen Black Arsenic: A Layered Semiconductor with Extreme In‐Plane Anisotropy;  Advanced Materials 2018;

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