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ZrSe2 solution consists of monolayer and few-layer thick sheets suspended in isopropanol (IPA) solution. Our process starts from high quality single crystal ZrSe2 pieces and ultrasonication process in isopropanol (electronic grade chemical at 99.9999% purity). Our ultrasonic treatment and recipe is specially created to achieve world's first ZrSe2 solutions. Our protocols vary the sonication temperature, gaseous environment, sonication power, pulse duration, and pulse dwell times to achieve good quality products without any amophization. Crystallinity of ZrSe2 has been confirmed through electron energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDAX), Raman spectroscopy (FWHM<5 cm-1), and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) measurements. Lateral sizes of ZrSe2 flakes deposited onto different substrates range from 60 nm to a few microns while thickness range from 1L to thicker sheets.

Solution type: By default 2Dsemiconductors USA will provide ZrSe2 sheets suspended in isopropanol owing to good dispersion, stability, and high performance. However, if your research requires other solvents, please contact us for more details and schedule for the product delivery.

Solution concentration:  To reduce shipping costs, easy customs agreement / border check-in processes, we ship supersaturated 2D solutions (~80-120 mg/L depending on the type of 2D layers). However, supersaturated solutions can be diluted to produce ~250-500mL of solution to deposit 2D layers onto desired substrates through simple and cost-effective spin-casting process. 


Product ZrSe2 solution
Solution type Isopropanol recommended
Electrical properties 0.95 eV IR semiconductor
Crystal structure 2H phase
Production method ZrSe2 (flux zone growth); Solution low temperature pulsed ultra-sonication
Characterization methods Raman, photoluminescence, TEM, EDS

Frequently asked questions

Q1: Are these solutions good for catalytic measurements?

A: Yes, our 2D solutions are commonly used by catalysis community as well as electronic measurements

Q2: Are these solutions good for electrical measurements? 

A: With some reservation yes. Please note that sonicated materials will have higher defect density compared to bulk crystals.

Q3: What is the volume of the solution? 

A: Each order can either contains 2mL of supersaturated solution (~200mg/L) or dense 20mL solutions (~20mg/L). Our solutions are delivered to you at supersaturated range so that you can easily add isopropanol in your laboratory to increase the total amount of solution. This helps us to keep the shipping costs minimal. We recommend using 2mL solutions as this will cut down the shipping charges and shipping times. You will also get more effective solution (after adding IPA)

Q4: Are these 2D solutions consist of 100% monolayers? 

A: This will depend on your requirements. We can design monolayer, few-layer, multi-layer, and even bulk layered solutions. Please identify what kind of solution (material type) you prefer to use during check out.

Q5: How about the solution types?

A: This will also depend on your application. We have capability to accommodate IPA, H2O, DMF, NMP, and many others. Just let us know what you have in mind.


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