Ti3C2 Ink [Link]
ZnInTe3 chalcopyrite semiconductor [Link]
CuIn2Se6 direct band-gap chalcopyrite semiconductor [Link]
SWCNT solutions [Link]
Mn3SiTe6 magnetic and chiral material [Link]
Ta3FeS6 intercalation magnets [Link]
YBCO superconducting crystals [Link]
Bi2O2Se high mobility semiconductor solution [Link]
Large-size n-type WSe2 [Link]
SnBi2Te4 topological crystals [Link
+ Two centimeter (2cm) size Bridgman grown single crystal Sb2S3 [Link]
V-doped WSe2 predicted ferromagnetic [Link]
2H-MoTe2 layered powders [Link]
NiPS3 solution [Link]
Layered Ga2O3 UV excitonic semiconductor [Link]
CuTlS infrared semiconductor [Link]
Zn2In2S5 vdW semiconductor [Link]
TaAs Weyl semimetal [Link]
RuCl3 Kitaev magnet [Link]
MnCl2 2D magnets [Link]
FeI2 2D magnets [Link]
Co3Sn2S2 Kagome magnet and topological system [Link]
NbOCl2 CDW, semiconductor, and quantum emitter [Link]
Na2Zn2TeO6 2D semiconducting and catalytic material [Link]
PbSb2Te4 topological material [Link]
MnSbTe semimetals [Link]
TlSbSe2 topological insulators [Link]
PbBi2Te4 topological insulator crystals [Link]
Layered IR semiconductor InGaSe2 [Link]
Single crystal Bridgman grown Sb2Se3 [Link]


Large size 2H NbS2 crystals [Link]
High Tc superconductor vdW Bi-2201 [Link]
High Tc superconductor vdW Bi-2223 [Link]
New 2D layers transferred on SiO2/Si surfaces [WSe2], [WS2], [MoSe2], [hBN], [Few-layer hBN], [multi-layer hBN], [graphene], [graphene/hBN]
NbSe3 charge density wave material [Link]
Large-size ZrSe3 crystals [Link]
p-type GaSe crystals [Link]
n-type GaSe crystals [Link]
TaSe2 flux grown crystals highest electronic / optical grade [Link]
VSe2 solution [Link]
New vdW crystal powders HfS2 [Link], HfSe2 [Link], MoS2 [Link], MoSe2 [Link], WS2 [Link], and WSe2 [Link]
In2Se3 vdW Bridgman grown crystals -Highest grade  [Link]
SnSb2Te4 topological crystals [Link]
ZnIn2S4 luminescent crystals [Link]
Bi2Te2S topological insulators [Link]
Cl doped MoO3 crystals [Link]
TaCo2Te2 vdW magnet and metal [Link
World record size SnBi4Te7 topological insulator crystals [Link]
Cr2C vdW MXenes [Link]
Ti4N3 vdW MXenes [Link]
Bridgman grown FeTe superconducting crystals [Link]
TaNi2Te3 topological and metal vdW crystals [Link]
Grey arsene crystals [Link]
World's first Bridgman grown a-MoO3 crystals [Link]
In addition to CVT, now superior quality Bridgman grown g-InSe crystals [Link]
World record size BSCCO 2D superconductor crystals [Link]
Word record size flux zone grown defect free TiS2 crystals [Link]
Cr2Te3 2D magnet crystal [Link]
NbAs2 semimetal crystal [Link]
Exclamation mark - Wikipedia World record size black arsenic crystals reaching to 1cm sizes [LinkExclamation mark - Wikipedia


Exclamation mark - Wikipedia World record size PtSe2 flux zone crystals [LinkExclamation mark - Wikipedia 
CdAs2 semimetallic crystal [Link]
Superconducting Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 2 inches size MBE films [Link]
ZnAs2 crystals [Link]
PbTe thermoelectric single crystalline material [Link]
Ta2Se8I Weyl semimetal and CDW crystal [Link]
FeCl2 2D magnetic crystal [Link]
NiCl2 2D magnet crystal [Link]
ZnPS3 2D magnet and catalytic material [Link]
VTe2 vdW crystal 2Dmagnet and CDW material [Link]
Ni3TeO6 vdW 2Dmagnet crystals [Link]
SnTaS2 topological superconductor [Link]
Fe4GeTe2 room temperature magnets [Link]
Na2Co2TeO6 2D magnet, Kitaev crystals [Link]
New MXene crystals Ti2N [Link], V4C3 [Link], Ti3CN alloy [Link], Ta2C [Link], Mo2C [Link], Nb4C3 [Link]
MoNbSe2 crystals [Link]
MoVSe2 alloys [Link]
NbS3 crystals [Link]
Ti3C2 solution [Link]
ReS2 [Link] and ReSe2 [Link] solutions
Ti2C solution [Link]
NiI2 2D magnet crystals [Link]
LaTe2 CDW quantum crystal [Link]
Nb2C solution [Link]
InSnSe layered anisotropic IR semiconductors [Link]
Exclamation mark - Wikipedia PdBi2 superconducting and topological crystals [LinkExclamation mark - Wikipedia
V2C solution [Link]
TaMoSe2 ternary layered TMDs alloy [Link]
GaGeTe high carrier mobility IR semiconductor [Link]
CrTe2 vdW magnets [Link]
Bridgman vs CVT grown GaTe excitonic crystals [Link]
VS2 2D magnet [Link]
GaInS3 2Dsemiconductor [Link]
SbSe 2D thermoelectric crystals [Link]
CrSBr 2D layered magnets [Link]
CrSeBr 2D layered magnet  [Link]
Cd3Sb2 quantum crystals [Link]
Cd3As2 Weyl, Dirac topological crystals [Link]
Sb2O3 layered 2D insulator, catalytic, and single photon emitter crystals [Link]

Exclamation mark - Wikipedia 2D monolayers and few-layers on 2 inch size wafers Exclamation mark - Wikipedia [Link]


NiTe2 layered quantum material [Link]
SnPSe3 2D excitonic and catalytic vdW crystals [Link]
Red Phosphorene vdW ribbons [Link
1cm or larger size layered SiP crystals [Link]
BiInTe3 topological crystals [Link]
SiTe2 2D metallic crystals [Link
Exclamation mark - Wikipedia World record size h-BN crystals Exclamation mark - Wikipedia [Link]
NbTe4 CDW and superconducting crystals [Link]
CrCl3 magnetic 2D crystals [Link]
WReSe2 2D alloys [Link
NiTe vdW crystals [Link]
GeBi2Te4 2D topological insulators [Link]
GaPS4 auxetic wide gap semiconductor [Link]
2D HfSe2 solution [Link]
Cr2S3 2D Ferrimagnetic semiconductor [Link]
Ni2SiTe4 semimetal vdW crystals [Link]
Nb2SiTe4 narrow gap semiconductors [Link]
BiTeI vdW Janus polar crystals. 3D vdW Rashba materials [Link]
Black arsenic phosphorus vdW crystal IR semiconduconductor [Link]
BSTS vdW topological and superconductor crystals [Link]
CuSi2P3 crystal 2D metal and 2Dsemimetal [Link]
CuIn7Se11 vdW semiconductors [Link]
NbWSe2 ternary TMDCs alloy [Link]
HfTe5 anisotropic topological insulator, semimetal, and superconductor [Link

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    ZnInTe3 belongs to the family of chalcopyrite semiconductors. Because of this new launch, the physical properties and materials characteristics are awaiting to be explored. Our ZnInTe3 crystals were synthesized through chemical vapor transport technique...
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